A person on a cargo bike with two children

Community e‑cargo bike hire project

by Birmingham Bike Foundry

Replacing unnecessary car journeys with an e-cargo bike can save you money, reduce traffic and air pollution in our community and support better health and wellbeing for all of us. For £50 per month you can now hire an e-cargo bike, keep the bike at home for up to three months at a time and see how well it fits in with your daily routine.

This funded project supports people to access e-cargo bikes affordably and with a variety of accessory options these bikes are excellent for getting the kids to school or nursery or carrying the weekly shopping. E-cargo bikes are great, but they are a commitment with an upfront cost. This project aims to allow as many people in the community as possible to try an e-cargo bike without the upfront cost. If you decide you are keen to get an e-cargo bike, amazing! We stock and service a range of brands and options and can talk through which ones will be best for your situation, colourways, tech spec and carrying accessories.