How much does it cost?

The hire cost is £50 a month. You will be able to hire one of the bikes for up to three months at a time. You’ll also need to pay a deposit of £50 via the website. The total upfront cost is £100. Then an additional £50 per month. Your £50 deposit can then be returned at the end of the hire period.

Will there be additional fees?

The hire fee covers routine wear & tear maintenance of the bikes during the hire period, including punctures. We may charge for other repairs not considered wear and tear, this will be outlined in the contract.

Are the bikes difficult to ride?

These bikes are not difficult to ride, but everyone who hires a bike will be offered one to one training on using them as well as support with route planning by our staff. 

Are the bikes legal on the road?

Yes, the bikes are road legal pedal assist vehicles with motor assistance limited to 15.5 mph.

Where can I use the bike?

Currently our funding supports people who live in or travel through the Stirchley ward. 

Are there rules on where I need to store the bike?

Yes. The bike needs to be stored undercover and in a secure space. We may ask to see the storage location before the hire starts. We are working on installing some communal bike hangers in the neighbourhood which may be useful if you’re limited on space at home.

Can my partner use the bike too?

Yes, this is possible. However, the responsibility for the bike remains with the person whose name is on the contract. Any loss or damage caused to the bike by a third party will be the responsibility of the named hirer.

Where can I find out the specs of the bikes?
Can I buy the bike if I like it?

Yes! You can buy the same make and model of bike from our shop. If you do so we can deduct the hire fee you’ve paid already from the brand new bike that you purchase.

Do I have to buy a bike afterwards?


Can I use a cycle-to-work scheme?

If you do want to buy a bike and you are paid by PAYE you can make a significant saving and spread the cost via the Green Commute Initiative.

How many kids can I carry?

Both the Yuba Kombi E5 and the Bicicapace E-Justlong can take up to three children or two if they have their school backpacks on. 

I don’t need child seats, is this ok?

Yes. We can add and remove accessories to bikes to suit the user(s).